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Last Updated: March 22, 2024


Since 2001, the "Portsonic" name and vision has led to research and development to the way people communicate with one another. This has led to tremendous growth in the communications industry with a limited amount of mobile phone brands on the market due to the massive resources required to build a mobile phone. As communications has advanced over the years, Portsonic Communications, LLC kept it's vision of the "Portsonic" name on it's own mobile phone brand using an unconventional pattern of methods applied to the America First agenda to undertake such a manufacturing feat.

Through research and development at Portsonic Communications, LLC, check back here for more information about Portsonic Mobile and availability. The company will be looking for alpha and beta testers for Portsonic Mobile and you will find information about how to join a alpha or beta team here.

Alpha Test Phases

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